4chan – Part Two, Cyber Police

okay hai our name is GACHAPOD ^___^ and you is trollin’ Part two of our 4chan deep dive is here and we still don’t know how to triforce. In this episode, things take a bit of a darker turn as we discuss the downfall of the world’s biggest imageboard. We discuss pasta, the Queen ofContinue reading “4chan – Part Two, Cyber Police”

4chan – Part One, Pools Closed

WE HAVE RETURNED. That’s right, we’re back and we decided to tackle one of the most important and disgusting websites of all time, 4chan! In Part One, we talk about the humble beginnings of 4chan, back when memes were harmless. We look into LOLcats, the infamous Habbo Hotel raid and how to triforce. Protip: deleteContinue reading “4chan – Part One, Pools Closed”